Vor ihrem Selbstmord äußerte die 27-jährige Tayler Tweed (Foto) Zweifel über Scientology und sprach sich dabei u.a. gegen das „Disconnection-Gesetz“ aus. Nach einem „Handling“ hatte sie die entsprechenden Kommentare auf Facebook wieder gelöscht.

Tweed hatte in den letzten Jahren versucht, in der Musik- und Schauspielbranche zu reüssieren – Künstlername: Tayler DeBari.

In den Wochen vor ihrem Selbstmord sagte sie Freunden, dass das Thema Scientology keinen Platz mehr in ihrem Leben habe.

Sie setzte ihrem Leben ein Ende, indem sie sich am 10. Jänner 2014 erschoss.

Tayler Tweed entstammt aus einer Scientologenfamilie und ihre Mutter, Catherine Tweed, versuchte nach dem Freitod ihrer Tochter alles, um Scientology davon reinzuwaschen, indem sie u.a. eine Begräbnisfeier im Celebrity Center International veranstaltete – O-Ton: „Wir hatten die allerschönste Zeremonie für sie. Es war unglaublich.“ Catherine Tweed hat den Scientology-„Rang“ eines OT VIII inne.

Tayler Tweed …

Tony Ortega publizierte in The Underground Bunker jene Facebook-Eintragungen von Tayler Tweed, die zum Entschluss geführt haben, mit Scientology zu brechen – und sich umzubringen:

Sept 6
I am a life-long Scientologist, raised by life-long Scientologist parents, and I have Scientologist siblings that are parishioners, employees, or volunteers for our Church. Please feel free to let me know if you have a problem with that. If you do but are for some reason unwilling to communicate that directly to me, delete yourself from my friends list immediately. Here is a link to my local Church here in Portland, Oregon!

Sept 6
My true Friends do NOT speak negatively and spread their secret/covert hostility about me and our friends behind our backs. They confront us BOLDLY and have the courage to voice their personal opinions directly to us. Feel free to speak up and tell me how you feel!

Sept 10
I have officially been censored! From now on you’ll hear from me nothing other than inappropriately cheery smiles and an entirely waxed enthusiasm, combined insincerely with a forced effort to be accepted by the Portland Suits. It would not be humanly possible to care any less than I do of what you conservative know-it-alls think of MY words, but my parents are angry so, I concede.

Responses: “lol”
“Well, in their defense, Public relations is important; it is after all on your personal org board for a reason… just my two cents”

Oct 23
FREEDOM OF SPEECH. A right I will exercise until the end… Seriously, fuck the motherfuck off with all of your opinions. I DEFINITELY never asked for your input people! I have my own reality, a personal and private perception of it, and this is just one outlet of self-expression.

Responses: “yay! So you are posting just so people can get your comm but cannot respond back… yay for freedom of speech!”

Oct 25
To the Church of Scientology of Portland staff members: Derek Meyer (Fdn FCS), Maxine Stanley-Cannon (PES Fdn), and Elizabeth Dunham (HAS Fdn)… My reports up lines (CJC/IJC/RTC/ED Int) on you three have gone unheard, without written response, and are still unhandled, I am now going public.

Oct 25
To every one of my PR-obsessed, terribly fake, fair-weather “friends” that are dropping out of my life like flies… GOOD RIDDANCE!

Oct 25
Give me an enemy, I will take them down. Give me a rule, I’ll bend it ’til it breaks. I do not need the Tweed-Masterson clan to survive and be a successful artist and adult.

[Tayler’s ex-stepfather, Rusty Tweed, married Carol Masterson, and became stepfather to Carol’s actor children, including Danny and Christopher Masterson.]

Oct 25
THIS is what an angry #SecondGeneration #Scientologist looks like…


Reponses: “Stfu and say something nice”

Tayler: “I am having trouble with the Portland Church of Scientology. You, little boy, can FUCK OFF…I already wrote reports to CJC, IJC, RTC, EDI, CCI, VP CSI, and my terminals at CC Int.”

“Cool… So, maybe you shouldn’t spread it all over fb, and keep it on the right lines?… All I am suggesting (and do what you will with it as it’s a suggestion) is to not spread it all over online. If its written up to all of those terminals, it’ll probably get resolved. You don’t need to fuel your argument even more by spreading entheta to people who have nothing to do with it.”

Tayler: “It was written up in January, February, March, June, July, August, September, and October. This is the appropriate justice gradient.”

“Well, I do believe that concludes anything else I have to say.”

Oct 26
I am THIS mad at the Portland Church and completely honest and happy with my communication;

Login: taylerdebari@xxxx.com
Password: xxxxxx

Read away fucktards!


Oct 26
Hey ladies, I am a size 0, xs, shoe size 7; getting rid of #stuff… Who wants it?

Oct 26
Like a ghost, I will be GONE! 01 January 2014

Oct 26
17 years of torture. I am done! #teamTayTay #WOLFpack

Oct 26
Death; I am coming for you! XIII/XI/MMXIII

Oct 27
I think that the Church of Scientology International should take the Millions of dollars my family has donated since 1965 and pay their Sea Organization staff a back-pay of minimum wage for every single hour worked. Yep!

Oct 27
Man… This must be what it feels like to be a gay Scientologist #CENSORSHIP #teamTayTay #WOLFpack

Oct 28
Defying the rules of your family’s religion is a truly great way to weed out the TRUE friends from the Fair-Weather ones.

Responses: “Depends on the rules. :)”
Tayler: “Go away.”

Nov 19
Tayler posts an image of a bill from her visit to a naturapath’s office, showing a total of $476.

“I am lucky [I guess] to have wealthy parents that love to waste money only to be told that they are right,” she writes.

Nov 20
Tayler posts an image of a letter she’s received from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, which indicates that she had submitted some kind of complaint about its services. The sheriff’s office replies that it is investigating.

Nov 20
I think a Friday, particularly Dec 13, 2013, is a perfect D.o.D! No interest in MMXIV

Nov 21
This may be a cry for help — but your condescending advice is neither welcome nor heard.

Responses: “Deaf or daft?”

Nov 24
I think I may be going insane… [Several images. One of them is the title card for the 1992 movie, Death Becomes Her.]

Nov 25
I don’t think I have “Bipolar I” or need Lithium… I think I need to a) Ride on a motorcycle, b) Get laid regularly, and c) Shoot guns often. #rockSTARproblems

Responses: “Sounds fun I’m with you!”

Nov 27
LA {right middle finger} #Tattoo [Image: Business card that lists a suicide hotline.]


Nov 27
LA {right middle finger} #Tattoo [Image: Business card for an attorney’s office]

Nov 28
Happy FuxGiving, the day in which we give none of the fucks.

Nov 29
I am 99.99 percent sure I should be locked in a straight-jacket and padded cell and be studied by mental health therapists.

Nov 30
OK… Here it goes… I hope everyone gets this! I love everyone here and have been going through some serious issues (as you can tell!) I have used Facebook as a way to take out my anger on some of you folks… and here it goes: “I am Truly Sorry… I really am.”

I hope everyone here can truly forgive me. I know that the first stop of fixing things in my life and the people around me is to realize that I have a problem. (No guys, it isn’t drugs, so get that out of your minds.)

My basic problem is… “here it goes” No one’s business. And this is what I have learned in the Facebook world. I have to stop airing my personal details about beliefs and family and get back to the basics…

I am not a Facebook post. My life and the frustrating things I am going through are for me to work out. I am very angry and I need to learn how to cope and deal with it… on my own.

What do I need from all of you?

Everything. Love, encouragement. I need that emotional support. I would love it if you, just drop by to say hey or “love ya, hope all is well.”

I want to end this and say that everyone here means the world to me. I really do love you all. I love my mom, my brothers, my stepdad.

I am sorry for the hell I have put them through. This is so hard.

Please bear with me here. So I have to take a break from being a mean, rude, terrible person. I have to go find a little light out there in the big bad world.

I will be better and get better, I hope to return and set an example of what “just being plain happy is.”

So I will see everyone here soon. Just takin a little break off here so I can center myself.

With love, Tay


Dec 20
Tayler posts a meme showing an Oscar Wilde quote…


Am 10. Jänner 2014 war Tayler bei einem Freund auf Besuch und fand eine geladene Pistole. Sie schoss sich damit in den Kopf.

R.I.P. Tayler Tweed …

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